Providing satellite remote sensing services is at the heart of the AgilSpace brand. With satellites possessing a unique vantage point, it is highly suited for providing monitoring and mapping services. A team of experienced image analysts and image processing engineers deliver AgilSpace GeoServices and are committed to providing satellite imaging solutions and value-added-services to our customers in various domains.

Apart from providing imagery data, the AgilSpace brand offers ground station integration and maintenance services, consultancy and training. With the maturing of sensor related technologies, satellite remote sensing has greatly contributed to the improvement and efficiency of activities that utilise such imagery.

The AgilSpace solutions are developed with an understanding of the emerging economy of space and recognition of the importance of providing multi-source satellite imagery to meet customer’s requirements. Besides TeLEOS-1 Near Equatorial Orbit (NEqO) imagery specialisation, we are also working with existing Earth observation satellite operators to synergise new partnerships to provide customers with a wide choice of complementary satellite data for day and night, all-weather imagery solutions.


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