Our AgilSpace GeoServices support key decision-makers by providing valuable geospatial applications in various market verticals, ranging from Homeland Security & Border Control, Emergency Response and Crisis Management, Land Administration and Mapping, Agriculture & Forestry, Environmental Awareness, and Resource Management. AgilSpace GeoServices products and services are suitable to be employed as standalone information data, or incorporated into an integrated geospatial solutions to suit customers’ business needs.

Homeland Security & Border Control
With emerging challenges for security and border control applications, AgilSpace GeoServices ideally provide timely and responsive monitoring and change analysis capabilities to fulfil customers’ strategic and tactical requirements. AgilSpace GeoServices support customers in homeland security, border control, and crisis management activities to ensure safety of their citizens and the safeguard of national resources. 

Maritime Safety & Security
Since the 9/11 attacks, maritime safety and security were a key concern among the top leaders around the world. Given the ability to attain high revisit rate and change analysis satellite imagery information, AgilSpace GeoServices deliver insight to our maritime customers by providing timely and responsive information and analysis for various maritime applications, including anti-piracy, illegal migrants & fishery activities, maritime pollution monitoring, search & rescue operations, and vessel monitoring & collision prevention.

Land Administration & Resource Management
The rapid expansion in globalisation requires extensive planning, management, and administration. AgilSpace GeoServices support authorities and agencies to map, plan, monitor, manage and protect valuable assets, utility and public infrastructures, as well as ensure the environmental safety and security.

Environmental, Agriculture & Forestry
With the improvement in modern technologies, AgilSpace GeoServices enable geospatial driven information and services to monitor and manage natural resources and agricultural crops efficiently and effectively. Employed with the ability to provide holistic situational picture, coupled with cost-effective and high resolution imagery, AgilSpace GeoServices enable goverments, financial institutions, industrial and commercial operators, and conservational groups to attain new insights through remote sensing.

Disaster Monitoring & Management
Combined with a mixture of easy access and high responsive methodology, AgilSpace GeoServices support timely and reliable imagery and geospatial information for multiple humanitarian aid, and disaster relief and management applications. Apart from being employed for disaster and emergency planning, relief coordination and deployment, and recovery management, AgilSpace GeoServices are also suited to support risk assessment agencies and insurance companies to perform damage assessment and risk mitigation activities.


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